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Review #88: Godzilla

Matthew Broderick, a Nuclear Regulatory Commission Biologist, currently studying nuclear effects on earthworms, is assigned a a new task in finding out why a giant lizard has appeared and how it has found its way to New York.
With the help of Maria Pitillo, Hank Azaria and Jean Reno, they must find a way to stop the creature and bring its destructive wave to an end. What awaits them in the underground lair the creature has built is something they didn't count on.

Another Emmerich disaster movie from me, this time round, I'll brave the backlash and say it's probably one of his best to date.

The screenplay, though it completely tears apart the original Japanese storylines, is actually pretty well written in terms of storytelling. Its realistic in terms of sequence and feels fun to watch.
There's also elements of mystery and discovery in the mix too and a nice little twist with the creature toward the end, which adds more of a depth to the Godzilla legend.
Some of the science, as usual with Emmerich science is cod at best, but the screenplay and overall story make it work.
The elements of tongue in cheek humour make the movie stand out well too.

What makes Godzilla stand out from all other Emmerich epics, is that the stereotyping of other non-USA cultures is knowing this time round and utilises humour with the the way they've been portrayed. Most of his other stereotyping in other movies is arrogant and ignorant and almost borders racism.
Thumbs up for this time round.

The soundtrack from Jamiroquai was another good move.

The acting is about the best of all Emmerich films.
Matthew Broderick, Jean Reno, Maria Pitillo and some of the cast from the Simpsons (Hank Azaria, Harry Shearer, Nancy Cartwright) plus a few more famous faces that make small cameos, make for enjoying viewing.
Jean Reno is by far the standout role in the film. He's funny and serious and you can see he had a lot of laughs making fun of the Americans.

The CGI, as with all Emmerich movies, is absolutely perfect. It's extremely hard to find a fault. The creature effects and the various things that the creature gets its teeth into are all extremely well rendered.
Godzilla has also been revamped to a more realistic looking creature rather than the usual 'man-in-suit shape' that we're all used to.

What lets the film down, (though I said it's a kind of a good point), is that it stamps all over the existing Godzilla Legend.
The other thing is that most of the movie is at night and constantly raining. It gives the whole thing a very depressed feel.

All in all, still not a prefect movie from disaster specialist Emmerich, but definitely up there with his best work (well, compared to his others anyway, see my reviews #3 on page 1, and reviews #63 & #64 on page 8).
Funny, exciting action, toned down in the racism and cod-science, it has it all. Definitley a popcorn no-brainer.
My rating falls just short of Independence Day (which scored 88%) at 86%