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Connor Macgregor Reviews...Chicago

Ah yes Chicago.I felt that after seeing the amazing trailer so many times, i saw it for i believe 10 in my local DVD shop. So with that and i believe Full Metal Jacket (which i will review very soon) i bought hopefully two excellent films. I have just watched Chicago and so here is my review in full.

Roxie Hart is a married chorus girl with hopes of being a headliner in Vaudeville. Velma Kelly is a former headliner. What do these two have in common? They both are murderesses. Roxie killed her lover when he walked out on her, and Velma killed her husband and sister, who were having an affair. Chicago's newspapers love the nitty-gritty and Velma is at the top of the headlines. But then Roxie comes along and Velma is old news. They find themselves competing for not only the press' attention, but also the focus of their shared lawyer, the suave Billy Flynn. Add to the mix a sob sister, Roxie's hapless husband Amos, and a warm prison matron who watches out for her girls (if there's something in it for her), and you have Chicago.

What can i say about a musical that is well written, well directed, well acted, well sung and above all well acclaimed. Not only is the film fantastic and flawless, but the stage show is just as gritty and amazing (Seen the show about twice). This film is the centerpeice of classic musicals and will forever be known as one of those great achievements in the musical genre. The music is just amazing in every sense of the word. Its catchy, emotional and gets your feet moving. The top three performances are one of a kind. Zeta Jones is incredibly fiesty in this role and that is why i love her in this film so much. Renee Zellweger is just to die for in this film. Such a B-I-A-T-C-H in this film and yet she is so loveable at the same time. She would kill to get the spotlight...wait she did that. And then she lies to get the spotlight back, classic. But of course to me the star is Richard Gere. Oh he can do the lot. He acts,he sings and he dances and during the fantastic song Razzle Dazzle i said to myself "I Like Richard Gere". So after years of no reason of liking Richard Gere, Chicago has given me that reason. THANK YOU.

The Music in this film is something from another world. Its tricky to pick a favourite but it comes between Razzle Dazzle & Cell Block Tango. I admit something grew while watching Cell Block Tango. It was so mesmerising to watch and it made me felt i was going to the electric chair with a erection and all the police officers were women in lingerie. Oh the agony. Never the less its a great song and it makes me want to crawl to my knees and beg them to kill me.

So overall Chicago is A MUST BUY. Get it now its timeless and a modern masterpiece. OWN IT MUSIC LOVERS!

Rating - 93% - A