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The Butterfly Effect

Connor Macgregor Reviews...The Butterfly Effect

My dad told me how good this film was,so i went out and bought it. I have just finished watching it and MAN this film was just incredible from start to finish.

Evan Treborn (Ashton Kutcher), who suffered severe traumas as a boy (Logan Lerman) and a teenager (John Patrick Amedori), blacks out frequently, often at moments of high stress. While searching for an answer to heal his emotional wounds, he finds that when he reads from his adolescent journals, he travels back in time, and is able to essentially "redo" parts of his past, and thereby causing the blackouts he experienced as a child. There are consequences of his choices, however, that he then propagates back to the present; his alternate futures vary from frat boy to prisoner to amputee. As he continues to do this, he realizes that even though his intentions are good, the actions he takes have unintended consequences.

Ashton Kutcher acts his ASS off in this film. His performance is wonderful as he goes through these different timelines and has no idea what is going on. You feel for his character after everything he has gone through in the film and that you somehow know that it will not end well. Amy Smart is also great in this film and potrays different versions of Kayleigh from the nice sweet girlfriend of Evan too the whore that lost all care for everything.

The story is amazing and dark. The scene with the camcorder was quite disturbing. Child Molesting is so wrong and that film was just really difficult to get through and i must admit i cringed a bit. The acting of the father Eric Stoltz was just great in the role. I don`t think there has been as dark as The Butterfly Effect and for that i Recommend anyone who hasn`t seen this to pick it up because it is well worth the watch.

Rating - 84% = A- - **** Stars