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Escape from New York

Escape From New York

Definitely a cult classic type of film. I don't know what I think about it though. I mainly know that I don't remember 1997 being anything like that, unless what New York really is, is that well a kept secret.

Overall this was an entertaining film. The characters were interesting, and the whole thing was fun to watch. Watching the action of the characters beating up each other is always a good time. The plot wasn't all that deep, but it didn't have to be. This film is purely about the action.

The dystopian world that is created in this film really isn't seen, from the outside, so you can't tell if the government is really good or bad in this film. It seems likely that it is notably over its bounds in what it has done, but it can't be told if there was a justifiable reason for it being like that. There is a dystopian world within the prison, but that isn't seen all that well either. There is a ruling elite that is mentioned and shown a lot, and then there are the sewer/subway people who show up in the beginning of the film, but are dropped pretty quickly after taht.

Overall I enjoyed this film some. It wasn't one of those cult classic films that I can watch over, and over again, but it was entertaining. Snake Plisskin is a good character in the film, and a memorable character, which the film does have going for it.

Overall Grade: C+

Acting: C
Story: B-
Audio/Visual: B-