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DragonHeart (1996)

Director: Rob Cohen
Writers: Patrick Read Johnson & Charles Edward Pogue
Cast: Dennis Quaid, Sean Connery, Dina Meyer
Genre: Fantasy Adventure

A fun watch, with a colorful bad guy and a cool looking dragon too.' CR

reminded me of the opening scene in The Good The Bad and The Ugly where Clint Eastwood captures and turns in a wanted outlaw, Eli Wallach...After collecting the reward money and as Eli is about to be hanged, Eastwood then shoots the rope and sets Eli free, galloping away on horseback to another town for the same trick.

Visually DragonHeart was impressive, such cool sets that were real and built on location. I couldn't find the screenshot I wanted...it's of the water filled rock quarry with enslaved town's folks mining the rock from high up on wooden scaffolding. There was also a long floating bridge over the pond. Pretty cool stuff! So was the castle ruins and the countryside of Slovakia where it was filmed.

I was taken aback at first by Sean Connery's voice coming out of the dragon. The sound mix was such that Connery's voice boomed as if he was standing behind my tv set. Now the last thing I want is a middle-aged Scottsman getting tangled up in all those HDMI cables!

So after awhile I got use to the dragon sounding like Connery, though I wish they would've digitally mixed his voice so that it sounded more raspy with snorty gasps, you know like a dragon would make.

The highlight for me was David Thewlis as the evil, bully king who delighted in being mean, really mean! He alone made the movie and was my favorite character. Dennis Quad was OK, I think his character needed to be punched up more and played larger than life. Dina Meyer was OK too, she didn't get to do much, though she had a fair amount of lines. I liked her better in Starship Troopers.

Let's see, what else can I talk about? I guess that's it.