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Rango is the story of a pet chameleon, who is an aspiring actor. After falling out of his glass cage and into the Mojave Desert, he has to go on a journey for water and a journey to find out who he really is. The story is a classic western one, where a stranger comes into a town with a problem, and is expected to heroically save them. The difference is that in Rango, the stranger isn't much of a hero. Instead, he's a clumsy chameleon who has no clue what he's doing.

Rango is self-conscious about this and parodies the western. It does this much better than I expected, as it successfully pokes fun at a lot of classical elements from the genre. The predictable story didn't manage to keep me interested throughout the entire movie, but the many references and jokes made this a fun watch.

The animation of Rango is good and the cinematography is fantastic! There are some very beautiful scenes, especially in the parts that take place during the evening or night. The cast of characters is diverse, and they all have unique and interesting looks. The only thing that bothered me visually was the human cowboy that Rango met. He looked like he came out of a bad videogame! Luckily he wasn't on the screen for very long.

Rango is a good looking animated film and a fun parody of the western genre. It's worth a watch if you like westerns, animation or both!