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The Saint of Fort Washington

The Saint of Fort Washington Ė 1993


One of my favorite movies of the kind: social insignificance, urban survival. The acting by Danny Glover as Jerry, a homeless Vietnam veteran and Matt Dillon as Matthew, a schizophrenic photographer, is very good, Iíve always liked Danny Glover, the same I canít say about Matt Dillon, but this character fitted, I enjoyed it. The plot is interesting if you see the plot as a way of showing different human characters and how social hierarchies or the environment they're in, don't dictate the individual characteristics. Photography I have a mix opinion, if I think about the city of New York in the eighties and nighties, this is alright, but could be better with the material available in that time, but if I think about how the author photographed the New Yorker's humanity in that chaos and misery, is amazingly good, is poetic in some cases. The soundtrack is one of the worsts I've ever heard in a film, but there is an exception, the scene Matthew took the first photograph with actual film in the camera, that is touching, but all the rest is annoying, but maybe i was hoping for something more dramatic and the author didnít wanted that, well, not exactly dramatic, something more in accordance with the time/place it was filmed.