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Colossus: The Forbin Project

Colossus: The Forbin Project

Joseph Sargent

Cold War sci-thriller that's certainly not without flaws and possibly not for the majority of today's audience but is very much the type of sci-fi that I grew up and fell in love with and so for me is hugely enjoyable.

Compared to the effects-laden movies made today this film would most likely be regarded as rather mundane and lacking by many, but for me it's a fairly well paced and presented piece that utilises some quite beautiful sets and design work. Sure the zeitgeist of the period with regards post WW II US/Russian relations is presented rather simplistically - both being far too easily coerced into working together and a noticeable scarcity of the innate distrust that actually permeated the times - but the paranoia of the early days of man beginning to become more reliant on machines, and the potential ceding of control that naturally entails, is quite nicely played upon and developed imo.

As alluded to earlier there are no major special effects on view but proceedings are not without occasional pockets of tension and whilst none of the performances are awards-worthy the leads and support are generally decent enough for what is realistically no more than a B-Movie. On the whole though I suspect enjoyment would depend largely on how much of interest the tale is thematically, and for me that interest level is high even if there may be the odd hole in the plot.

Colossus: The Forbin Project is not an offering that would ever set the world of film alight - in fact there's nothing much to set it apart from plenty of other sci-fi movies of the period, but it's a theme that interests with an aesthetic that pleases me and as such I'm happy to give it a