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William Lustig

Yep. Again I rewatched another old classic I love so ****ing much and omg I LOVE THIS SO ****ING MUCH. This twisted little gem tells the story of a disturbingly unwell man who embarks on a scalping spree to maintain his mannequin collection. Things get a bit complicated when he engages in a sort of friendship with a beautiful photographer.

Joe Spinell is fantastic as Frank Zito, maniac of the title. He really gets in there, and it's unsettling. Gets a bit out of hand towards the end, and there's even a laughable few seconds where he rolls against a wall slowly, but it's well worth the ride. He does unhinged well, as ultimately, one feels some sort of sympathy for the character.

The film has a gritty, grimy, uncomfortable feel to it, and the soundtrack by Jay Chattaway is great! Really adds to the mood. Its very violent and gory with plenty of good kills, but I just have to hold my heart for a second and give a special shoutout of love to the scene in which (do not click until after you've seen the film, @nostromo87 ! )

WARNING: spoilers below
Tom Savini's head explodes. It is a thing of revolting beauty that is easily right up there in my top 5 exploding head scenes of all time.


Did I already tell you I love this movie? You might hate it though.