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Indignation (2016)

Director: James Schamus
Writers: Philip Roth (novel ) James Schamus (screenplay)
Cast: Logan Lerman, Sarah Gadon, Tijuana Ricks
Genre: Drama

About: A young working class Jewish boy (Logan Lerman) who's grown up working in his father's New Jersey butcher shop... leaves home on a college scholar ship and attends a small Christian college in Ohio. There he meets a sexual disturbed woman Oliva (Sarah Gadon) and comes up against a self righteous college dean who tries to mold Marcus into something he's not.

: A slow burn, searing drama set in 1951 with the ongoing Korean War as the back drop. Based on the critically claimed novel, Indignation is intelligently written and feels more like a European film in how it takes its time to immerse the viewer in the world of a young man who through circumstance and his own indignation over injustices done to him, sets in motion events that will shape his future life.

I loved how we spend time with the lead character and experience the film through his eyes. This is not the film for the impatient, nothing is rushed, the emotions are not spoon fed to us. The film moves at a leisurely pace and yet I was held spell bound by many of the scenes, which were so well done it felt like being there. I have a few problems with the post production but that doesn't change the overall impact of the film for me.

Logan Lerman...Marcus did a fine job of making me believe he was Marcus. I've not seen him in a lead role before...I hope to see more of his work. He's known for Perks of Being a Wall Flower (2012) and Fury (2014).

Sarah Gadon...Oliva is a fine actresses and I have recently seen her in A Royal Night Out (2015) and Belle (2013). I think she was fine here too. I can't help wondering if another actresses might have brought more of the characters troubled pass to light. Still she was a plus.