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S.O.B. (Blake Edwards, 1981)
Director: Blake Edwards
Writer: Blake Edwards
Cast: Julie Andrews, William Holden, Richard Mulligan & All Star
Genre: Comedy Parody

About:A down and out move producer who's previous movie was a huge flop, attempts to save his career by reworking his latest movie into an X rated erotic production. With the highlight being a family friendly star (Julie Andrews) take off her top.

Review: There's a rather cruel joke being played on the audience by the director Blake Edwards. Or maybe some would say, it's a witty joke. Either way, many a person has watched this enigma of a film without getting it. I got it...but still found the slapstick style of comedy tediously unfunny. Well Loretta Swit was funny and I'm not saying the other actors were bad, heck they were good and there's a lot of them too, but the script wasn't funny. Instead we get Blake Edwards' rant about Hollywood's shady side of the biz, which would be great if the script was clever and not boorish.

Oh, the big to do is that Julie Andrews bares her breast, hence making the movie a cult classic...and an enigma. It's more of a shock value than comedy value. I have to say Julie Andrews topless wasn't a thing of beauty, though the scene was kind of funny. The best thing for me about S.O.B. was all of the stars in it. It's a plethora of who's who in Hollywood.