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X-Men: Days of Future Past


I have to classify this film as a work of art/comic book pulp fiction. The characters, effects, and story are all outstanding. This really is a love letter to the first two x-films as well as the perfect extension of the First Class movie. I’m surprised how tied it is to past efforts. The more you remember and know of the other films, the more enjoyment the viewer will receive.

Singer masterfully orchestrates what could very easily have gotten away from a director. The film is all about story first and that’s what elevates it. Much like a championship sports team, egos are checked at the door and each member does what is best and what is needed to win. Here, this stellar cast each pitches in with not one character taking center stage. Yes, some arcs are stronger than others but everything flows to connect story first… and that story is remarkable. It succeeds in re-setting the entire X-Men Universe. One negative of that is that fans of individual characters may be left wanting more. Besides Quicksilver’s awesome scene, there really isn’t one stand out action sequence for any one character. Taken individually, even Wolverine doesn’t do much at all. Colossus is again under-used and most of what the new mutants bring to the table was seen in the previews and trailers. The original Sentinels don’t do much either. Yet, the plot, intensity and performances make this film “championship caliber” because the entire effort makes it one satisfying and very thrilling ride.

One of the best films of the entire year.