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Couldn't find a review for this underseen delight that is arguably the best comedy of the year.

SECRETARY is an unprecendented black comedy that truly shows love has no rules. I Found this film to be original, eccentric and amusing entertainment. An adult comedy that is written for mature/open minds with an appreciation for quirky cinema.

The film is bold and daring while always eering on the side of subtelty and tenderness. Never sensationlizing its subject matter, rather being savvy enough to go beneath the surface and discover the motivations behind the nature of unconventional desire and lust..

Not for everyone this Romantic comedy creates two fabulous charecters who, though very different from ourselves can be understood and empathized with. There's is a taboo love that at first seems strange and possibly sinful, but ends up being beautiful and touching.

The performances are the key and Maggie Gyllenhaal excels in a brave and difficlt performance. Truly the best female lead charecter ive seen in years. James Spader too is superb blending his usual menace with a gentler and less confident side.

The director and writers obviously understood there main charecters and paint a very vivid portrait of unconventional love. Making sure the final shot of the film drills home its point by highlighting how different their world is from ours, but showing that each individual needs different things but aspires to the same happiness.

Wonderful entertainment.