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Cast and Crew of Bringing Up Baby


Katharine Hepburn
Susan Vance
Cary Grant
David Huxley
Charles Ruggles
Horace Applegate
Walter Catlett
Constable Slocum
Barry Fitzgerald
Aloysius Gogarty
May Robson
Elizabeth Random
Fritz Feld
Fritz Lehman
Leona Roberts
Hannah Gogarty
Alexander Peabody George Irving
Mrs. Lehman Tala Birell
Alice Swallow Virginia Walker
Elmer John Kelly
David's Caddy (uncredited) William Benedict
Joe (uncredited) Billy Bevan
Motorcycle Cop (uncredited) Ward Bond
Circus Roustabout (uncredited) Jack Carson
Hatcheck Girl (uncredited) Judith Ford
Zoo Official (uncredited) Edward Gargan
(uncredited) Paul Guilfoyle
Midget (uncredited) Karl 'Karchy' Kosiczky
George (uncredited) Skippy


Van Nest Polglase
Art Direction
Vernon L. Walker
Special Effects
Howard Hawks
Howard Hawks
Roy Webb
Original Music Composer
Roy Webb
Music Director
Mel Berns
Makeup Artist
Set Dresser Darrell Silvera
Assistant Art Director Perry Ferguson
Screenplay Dudley Nichols
Screenplay Hagar Wilde
Story Hagar Wilde
Associate Producer Cliff Reid
Director of Photography Russell Metty
Costume Design Howard Greer
Sound Recordist John L. Cass
Editor George Hively
Assistant Director Edward Donahue
Additional Camera Charles Burke