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The Raven


Pierre Fresnay, Ginette Leclerc, Micheline Francey, Héléna Manson View All


Henri-Georges Clouzot (Screenplay), Henri-Georges Clouzot (Director), Louis Chavance (Writer) View All

Release: Sep. 28th, 1943
Runtime: 1 hour, 32 minutes
Remy Germain is a doctor in a French town who becomes the focus of a vicious smear campaign, as letters accusing him of having an affair and performing unlawful abortions are mailed to village leaders. The mysterious writer, who signs each letter as "Le Corbeau" (The Raven) soon targets the whole town, exposing everyone's dark secrets. This allegorical film was highly controversial at the time of its release, and was banned in France after the Liberation.
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Citizen Rules
After WWII the free French claimed this film made by a German film company in occupied France was demeaning to the French people and the French resistances....Nah, that's not what the film is doing.


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