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Cast and Crew of Philosophy of a Knife


The Officer #2 Tomoya Okamoto
The Favorite Girl Elena Probatova
Himself Anatoly Protasov
The Officer #1 Tetsuro Sakagami
The Frostbite Experiment Man Artem Seleznyov
The Old Surgeon Victor Silkin
The Captured Airplane Pilot Dmitriy Skripnik
The Dental Torture Girl Alyona Strebkova
The Insect Experiment Girl Anna Subbotina
Historical Commentary (voice) Stephen Tipton
The Syphilis Experiment Girl Irina Zenkina
The Female Nurse #1 Yukari Fujimoto
The Female Nurse #1 (voice) Manoush
The Female Nurse #2 Yumiko Fujiwara
The Female Nurse #3 Masaki Kitagava
The Female Nurse #4 Reiko Niakawa
The Pregnant Girl Irina Nikitina


Director Andrey Iskanov
Director of Photography Andrey Iskanov
Editor Andrey Iskanov
Production Design Andrey Iskanov
Producer Andrey Iskanov
Writer Andrey Iskanov
Producer Stephen Biro
Original Music Composer Alexandr Shevchenko