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The Andromeda Strain


Arthur Hill, David Wayne, James Olson, Kate Reid View All


Robert Wise (Director), Nelson Gidding (Screenplay) View All

Release: Mar. 12th, 1971
Runtime: 2 hours, 11 minutes
When virtually all of the residents of Piedmont, New Mexico, are found dead after the return to Earth of a space satellite, the head of the US Air Force's Project Scoop declares an emergency. A group of eminent scientists led by Dr. Jeremy Stone scramble to a secure laboratory and try to first isolate the life form while determining why two people from Piedmont - an old alcoholic and a six-month-old baby - survived. The scientists methodically...
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3 The Andromeda Strain (2008)
I likes the looks of this. Ridley Scott and the lesser Scott have produced a remake of the 70’s sci-fi weirdness that is The Andromeda Strain. I enjoyed the original, but THIS ONE looks very ...

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While it is a great film, it's so cold and calculated that I'm not sure it's a film I could ever truly fall in love with.
The concept of quarantine and isolation are key plot points in the movie.Even though antagonist of the movie is virus, the way it creates this sense of dread among all the people in this facility and all people involved in this first line of defense for humanity has a very visceral feeling.