Curse of the Jade Scorpion

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So, I went to see The Curse of the Jade Scorpion this afternoon at the relatively new UA cinema on MacArthur and LBJ in Valley Ranch (just down the road from the Dallas Cowboys' practice facility), and I have to say that I enjoyed the flick.

It's typical Woody Allen, not as funny as many of his previous movies but still funny enough to be enjoyable. The movie looked great, too, but I always like movies set in that period. The old cars, the war-era dress, men with fedoras. There's just something about that era that appeals to me visually. And it is all beautifully designed and photographed in this flick.

At any rate, I recommend the picture. It was a good use of a Saturday afternoon. Not Woody's best work, but better than some of his other recent works (I enjoyed it better than Deconstructing Harry and thought it was, overall, a more solid film than Small Time Crooks) and certainly entertaining and funny.

But maybe that's just me.

I saw this and liked it. Helen Hunt is a great actress.

It is pretty much typical Woody, but it's entertaining. Not as entertaining (for me) as Deconstructing Harry or Bullets over Broadway, but I enjoyed it a lot. I'm not ashamed to say I paid for my ticket.

Do you live near Houston ryan?
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Not really. I live in Plano, which is a suburb of Dallas (just North of Dallas). So, I'm about 275 miles from Houston.

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I really want to see this movie.I'm so glad to hear you liked it.Woody Allen movies as a rule are not my thing,but I did like the cast in this one and thought I would check it out.Thanks for doing a thread on it.don't get delete it untill I see the movie and can talk to you about it.

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Hello buds --
I actually liked this a whole lot. I thought the scene at the end in the factory was really cute. And I like Dan Akroyd and it was nice to see him get kisses, when he usually only gets pies in the face. I think the last time he got an onscreen kiss was from the Virtue Princess (whatever her name was) in Dragnet -- and that was so long ago that Tom Hanks was the second fiddle!
But my fave is still "Everybody says I love you." That wowed me!
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I really liked the arguments between woody allen and helen Hunt, they were really clever and that was my favorite part i thought te movie really wasnt that good.
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