Another Nine Months?


What about a Nine Months (1995) Hugh grant, Tom Arnold, Julianne moore Sequel?

Your ideas are wanted here...but here's mine...

What about maybe Jeff Goldblum who hated kids in the first one, maybe be in the situation of having to deal with a girl's/wife's pregnacy?
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Why do you feel movies need sequels? I would think that seeing bad sequels to good movies happen before you would learn your lesson here, but I see you haven't. Just cause a movie is good doesn't mean it needs a sequel. They outta make you president of a movie company if you think thats what needs done. If you're putting so much thought into these sequels why don't you use some grey matter and think of a movie that hasn't been done and send that bad boy in. Cause all a sequel is is a leech, all it does is sucks what's left of a story from the first movie and try to make another success, and sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. You need to think about things like that before making posts suggesting that every movie needs to have a sequel.
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Hey hey, calm down. I think most people who suggest a sequel in this way are simply big fans of the first movie, who think a follow-up would work very well.

I'll tell you what's so special about sequels, though: a good one is GREAT. Toy Story 2 made the first one even better. They feed off of each other. A bad sequel is a step down, but a good one is a joy to behold. Anyone who can create a successful sequel deserves some recognition.

The glory factor is high if it works, and the shame factor is nearly as high if it doesn't. People will continue to make sequels, because anyone who can truly extend a good story onto another movie, has done something truly impressive.

spd, you need not to post on here in "Sequels" if you feel you don't want to see any being made, I mean your posting here is just ridiculous, I mean are you forgetting like TWT said, Toy Story 2, what about terminator 2? are you saying those didnt deserved to be made? And it isnt just sequels I think about. I happen to write my own films as well. But absoutly nothing wrong with sequels, so lay off the pride trip thinking you know your movies cuz you don't and if you dont like sequels , then get off the board am I not right?

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What i'm saying is that some movies do fine without a sequel. Some do good, others don't. With a success rate of maybe 30% good sequels there's a reason why I am saying what I am. Yeah some movies might deserve a sequel to finish the story where it left off. On the other hand, if there was no unfinished buisness so to speak left at the end that left you asking questions about who did what and what meant what and so on and so fourth, then I say no sequel is neccessary. I'm getting ready to post the news of a sequel I think would be good to see, but I think you need to rethink some of these movies you think need sequels.

I am a fan of a sequel as long as it keeps the flow the first one did. If it doesn't then that lowers the faith I have in sequels, but the ones I have caught lately weren't all that bad. So as long as they keep a flow, and at least bring back an original cast member to reprive their role then yeah that's a good'n, but not when you have a new face taking over an already played role...(Clarice Starling).

So to clear up any misunderstandings, I just think they need to have serious thought on the script before a sequel is squeezed out of a money maker. I hope this makes things a little clearer

The first one sucked, I don't think any amount of feeding could make it better. Didn't that come out around the time Hugh Grant was caught with a hooker?
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