Elite Entertainment has just released their second DVD in the Joe Bob Briggs Presents series(the first one was JOE BOB BRIGGS PRESENTS JESSE JAMES MEETS FRANKENSTEIN'S DAUGHTER released earlier this year) which is the spoof to Russ Meyer Bosomania films called THE DOUBLE D AVENGER starring Francesca "Kitten" Natividad, Raven De La Croix and Haji(all Meyer veterans) directed by William Winckler. I have to say that Joe Bob Briggs' audio commentary is the only saving grace about this DVD. Joe Bob's remarks about the film are right on the mark and sidesplittingly funny and that is the only thing remotely amusing about this film! This is definitely not a B movie but a Z movie on the level of PLAN NINE FROM OUTER SPACE & ROBOT MONSTER and even those films aremuch more entertaining than this one! Bad acting galore, over the hill Big-breasted movie queens, atrocious non existing "Special Effects", a script with howlingly bad boob jokes and ad-libs that doesn't do justice to Russ Meyer like the film's director & producer alleges to be inspired from.You name it and this really Bad movie has it. It is really depressing to see Kitten Natividad and Haji in their late 50's looking the way they do in this film( they are photographed in a really unflatering manner!) and only Raven De La Croix(UP!, THE LOST EMPIRE) looks remotely good in her 50's in this film although her's is a small part and even she gets to snort like a pig in this movie for no reason at all!
Listen, when Forest J. Ackerman(FAMOUS MONSTERS OF FILMLAND)'s cameo is the best performance in this film, you know this film is in trouble! And to make matters worse, there are absolutely no naked breasts in this film although it's called THE DOUBLE D AVENGER, as Joe Bob himself comments on this DVD! I'm sure that Russ Meyer at his age today would do a better film than this one!Besides the film, there is a featurette on the making of the film that is longer than the film itself! and there's trailers and TV spots. At least the price of $14.99 is not too bad for this DVD, but I sure hope Joe Bob gets to comment on a better Drive In Movie than this one!

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