The Boondock Saints


Oh, yeah, definately, yeah.
What do you guys think about this movie? I think its one of the best cult movies ever made. For those of you who dont know...Irish twins who live in Boston believe that it is a mission from God to rid the streets of Boston of evil.

We're sorta like 7-11, we're not always doin' business, but we're always open.

Very, very, very good flick. It is too bad it didn't get more recognition. If I remember right they avoided huge publicity cuz of some major "parallel" event that happened in real life...something like Columbine, or 9-11, I can't remember, but whatever it was they chose to numb its publicity regarding its release.

You know what I'm talkin' about?

Either way, damn good movie.

Oh, yeah, definately, yeah.
Yeah I know what you're talking about. And it's seeable why they did that. But yeah, it was a truly great film.

I liked it a lot. I havn't seen it in a while though. I'll have to try and go somewhere and buy it.

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Sorry for bringing up the dead topic

but I have to say this is by far the greatest movie I have ever seen. It just kicks some major ass with the scenes it has, it has some small comedy, and it shows true art. I doubt any other film can live up to this ones capacity.

I think anyone who enjoyed this movie would have to like "Lock. Stock and Two Smoking Barrels." Or atleast appreciate it. Yes, the stories have nothing in common, but the style is very similar. Check it out. Being the biggest Guy Ritchie fan on the Earth, I'd have to say I like Lock Stock much more.
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Originally Posted by VampireJesus
I liked it a lot. I havn't seen it in a while though. I'll have to try and go somewhere and buy it.
I would recommend for all fans. Fun message board. The store has lots of great stuff, including the DVD with commentary etc. Also signed by Troy Duffey, the director. I'm in the UK and got mine pretty quickly.

Man, I just watched this movie, and I LOVED IT!!! Billy Connoly kicks so much butt. Sorry for not posting for like a millenium but my computer was messed up with a virus.
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William Dafoe freaked me out, and I thought the script could've been a little better. But yeah, the movie was quircky and awesome. Two definite thumbs up.

I havent watched it yet, but the cover has always reminded me of Essex Boys. Ive heard rave reviews, though, and I will have to get around to seeing it sooner or later.
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really good movie go rent or buy it. It cost about 9.99 at best buy and circuitcity

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Very good movie. I can't wait for the sequel ALL Saints Day

The Story
The second film starts where the first film finished. After the courtroom scene it is revealed that Conner, Murphy and Papa MacManus have been hiding in Ireland for three years. They return to Boston when it is revealed that a Pastor has been murderd and the Saints have been framed.
Both Sean Patrick Falnery and Norman Reedus are retuning in the Boondock Sequel as Conner and Murphy MacManus. Unfortunaty due to scheduleing conflicts Willem Dafoe is unable to return As FBI agent Paul Smecker. So the cast (as seen IMDB) are as follows.

Sean Patrick Flanery: Conner MacManus
Norman Reedus: Murphy 'Murph' MacManus
Marley Shelton: Eunice Bloom
Clifton Collins: Jr. Romeo
Billy Connolly: Ill Duce

Release Dates
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THats one Sequel Jrs didnt inform me off. But i knew it before hand

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The FBI character Eunice Bloom is supposed to be some sort of manic depressive.

The character is about 30 years old, red hair and a real looker. However, she suffers from manic depression and stops taking her medication...any suggestions? Layta, T.Duff (Director)

I finally saw this movie, and I have to say: Wow. Why in the world did I wait so long?? It was great!

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I don't think there might be a second one....proft, budget and ****. :-\

Boondock Saints was a terrific movie. The sequal was above average. Not nearly as good as the original. Then again virtually no sequal is better than the original. Terminator 2 would be a rare exception.
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