Movies that don't play in your theater for some reason!


Hey i don't mean to be negative or anything but i just don't understand why movie theaters like my local amc theater don't get certain films. Is it because too many films come out at one time is it that they only have theater space for certain bigger budget films. I don't know why but when i looked to see if the fabelmans and glass onion a knives out mystery were showing at my local amc i saw neither one of them i saw bones and all, devotion, and strange world that are all new for next week. Now i understand why maybe glass onion isn't in my theater netflix came out and said that movie wasn't going to be in many theaters across the country just a select few but still my amc couldn't apply to be one of those theaters. But why the heck is the fabelmans not at my theater my understanding was that one was going wide on the 23rd but i guess my theater must not have space for it because it is not even listed as one of the films releasing next week. I don't mean to sound like a spoiled brat but i just want to know why amc does this do they not want to make money! Please let me know below has this happened at your theater?