I recall a movie I watched when I was a kid, but cannot find it. I tried whatismymovie but it could not help. I will write what I remember from the film and any help with its name is appreciated.
1-Since I was born in 96 and watched it when I was below 10, I assume the release date was from 1985 to 2000.
2- I believe the film was German, with a lot of blonde and white characters.
3- At the beginning of the film or so, the main actor was in his BMW or Mercedes with his wife and got shot by an RPG. On the wreckage, a bad guy drops a cigarette and the flames caused by the fuel kill the main character's wife and badly injure him.
4- Someone finds the main character and through some surgery and receiving some artificial organs(such as a robotic hand) he recovers.
5- After recovering his caregivers take him for a walk where he tests his new body's strength and new robotic arm.
6- He wants to revenge on the killers of his wife. I recall a scene on a ship where the main character becomes friends with a kid.
7- I also recall a scene in the film where they pour concrete on someone/their car as a punishment.

This was all I recall. Thanks for your help!