Vigilante aliens and another movie about town full of frankensteins?


Looking for two horror movies, can't find anything online.

First one:
About these aliens that look just like humans but are dressed like stereotypical tourists and they see a lot of crime on earth so they become vigilantes with gory consequences. It was a horror / scifi / dark comedy? I remember one scene where they frame their daughter's boyfriend for the crimes and are about to leave the planet and she says something like 'you can't do that' and the father says 'better him than us, lets go.' I also remember a joke where the girl alien can't remember what police are called and says "those guys with hats" and the father says "shriners?" There was also a scene where stereotypical "bad guy punk" 80s / early 90s street thugs were about to rape an unconscious girl and the father figure alien goes "sir what you're about to do is an act of rape" and the bad guy turns to fight him and he rips the bad guys head off.

Second one:
a movie from the 70s or early 80s where a woman goes to a town and everyone acts weird, some people can barely move and use a tape recorder to play responses because they can't talk. At the end it turns out a crazy scientist made everyone in the town from corpse body parts so they're like frankenstein zombie monsters and the twist is the woman was also made by him but brainwashed to forget that?

found the first one, it's called Alien Avengers aka Welcome to Planet Earth