Nightmare on Elm Street: You can’t beat the classics. The original will be the best. Everything about it is perfect. The kills, the scares, the story. ****ing flawless victory. 10/10

Freddy’s Revenge: Ooooffff, what a disaster of a movie. The lead actor is the absolute worst. They made Freddy completely unmeancing and way too joke-heavy. The pool scene completely destroyed all the mystique of Freddy. **** this movie; there is no reason to ever watch it. 3/10

Dream Warriors: This is one hell of a bounce back from part 2. The acting is so much better than the second one. More importantly, they did Freddy right in this one. He is way more menacing but still has a great sense of humor. Cmon, who doesn’t love when he smashes that girl through the tv, saying, “Welcome to showtime, bitch”. Just an overall really good movie. 8/10

Dream Master: This one is just kind of boring. There is nothing unique or memorable about this one. Freddy’s kills don’t stand out. The characters are boring as well. This feels like a 90-minute music video. They jam so many random songs on here, and none of them go together. It's like my reviews. I threw a bunch of **** together, and none of it went together. Anyways this is a forgettable movie that you don’t need to ever watch unless you are watching all the Nightmare movies.5/10

Dream Child: Jesus Christ they really ran out of ideas. It's Freddy vs. an unborn baby. A matchup that I never thought would happen. This cheesy crapfest of a movie further proves that the Freddy ship was sinking like the Titanic by that point. The 4th one was just mediocre, but this was just bad. How many more of these movies do I have left? 4/10

Freedy’s Dead: The downward trend of Freddy continues. Add a bit of an anti-smoking message, and you have a recipe for pure ****. They completely butcher the mystery of Freddy. They answer all of the questions you may have had. Anyways, by this point, Freddy has become a shell of his once nightmare-inducing self. I don’t know whose idea it was to add more comedy, but I hope you are broke and homeless from a life of bad decisions. This franchise really had run its course. Freddy deserved to die by this point as this movie is once again scraping the bottom of the barrel. 3/10

New Nightmare: This was actually better the less that Freedy was in it. The idea of Freddy is more frightening than Freddy actually is. This is a well-acted and well-written movie. The little kid in this was The Shining level creepy. Wes Craven was the only man that could be trusted with Krueger. He knows how to make him menacing but also has a touch of comedy at the same time. This remains one of the best of the series. They should have kept Freddy dead after this one. 7.8/10

Freddy Vs. Jason: The two icons of murder meet in a disappointing movie. Jason looks like ****; the CGI is garbage; Freddy being a narrator was a bad idea. The slow-motion effects were unnecessary. Blah blah, there is not much to like about this movie. Jason’s kills were bland, and them revealing his fear of water, thus turning him into a bitch, really killed Jason. Pulling Freddy into the real world turned into a nightmare that no one could escape. Really the only good thing was that Freddy was a little more menacing than in the last few of his movies. It's not the low point for either character, but that isn't saying much since the bar is set so low. 4.3/10

Nightmare on Elm Street (reboot): The parents in this movie were the ****ing biggest bunch of ass clowns to ever exist. They kill Freddy with ZERO evidence (even though he was very guilty). At least in the original, he was guilty, and the system had failed. This is a bland and generic remake that fails on almost every level. The only good thing is that Jackie Earle Haley is an excellent Krueger. It’s a shame he didn’t get another crack at the role. I would have liked to have seen what he could have done. Outside of that, though, this is yet another remake that can be skipped. 4.5/10