Scream: Yet another classic that can't be topped. Wes Craven is a genius. The kills were on point. The iconic opening scene is still one of the best slasher scenes ever. The story was excellent, and it has remained a well-written classic. Skeet Ulrich was great here. Matthew Lillard overacts at times (dude, keep your tongue in your ******* mouth), but he is still good (him dying was hilarious). All these years later, and this movie still rules. 9.5/10

Scream 2: Yeah, sequels suck. A lame opening scene starts the movie off on a rocky foot, and a bad killer revel ends it on an even rockier note. This has a considerably less amount of charm and fun than the first one. At almost every turn, it seems like a lesser version of the first. Not the worst in the series but a decline in quality. 6.7/10

Scream 3: Like Courtney Cox's hair in this movie, this movie is terrible. Unnecessary cameos (**** you, Jay and Silent Bob, Carries Fishchers was alright), dull and unimaginative kills, and yet another lame killer reveal all kill this movie. By this movie, everyone seemed to have checked out. Scream couldn't die fast enough. 5/10

Scream 4: RIP Wes Craven. Shockingly the fourth movie is a bounce-back for the franchise. I even go as far as to say it's the 2nd best movie in the series. The mocking and meta approach to horror and movies, in general, was on point here. Add in some decent and actually memorable kills, and this movie was a success. The new characters added some fresh blood, which really helped this movie actually be watchable. 8/10