Stuff you first discovered through parodies.


"How tall is King Kong ?"
As I've said elsewhere, I'm exploring some classics that reached me through parodies or other references (in particular, some of Murder By Death's detective archetypes). I suppose most of us have seen some James Bond parody before seeing a James Bond, or some cartoon Frankenstein character before Karloff. And we've all see Airplane before Zero Hour. There's a lot of Hollywoodian actors that I've seen as Tex Avery caricatures before recognizing them in movies. And youtube comments show how many parodies or homages are missed by people who don't know the original references ("lol, so random").

So, are there movies that you sought and watched only after parody familiarity ? Deliberately ("gotta see what it's all about"), or accidentally ("woah, didn't know it came from that") ? Did you regret not having seen the original first ? Or did you, on the opposite, appreciate it more than you would have without the parody in the back of your mind ?
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I was probably the only person who was inspired to see Terminator 2: Judgement Day because of the scene in Hot Shots: Part Deux where Saddam Hussein merges with his dog. Everyone I know saw it when it came out, but I didn't see it until many years later.
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Crossfire (Dmytryk, 1947)