Sometime between 1995 to 2010 (if I was forced to pick a time frame), I saw this ad on a Spanish language channel (I forgot the name).

The advertisement's setting was daytime, it was set outside.
A little girl (at most a teenager) was holding on to a gate or fence of some sort, before she eventually lets go.
The next camera shot showed her falling to the grass, her eyes closing as she landed, obviously knocked out.
Next shot showed a couple of people gathered around looking down at the girl horrified. One man was on his knees and I think grabbing his head in despair (that's probably her father if I had to guess).
Next shot showed some ambulances while the girl is now carried away in a stretcher by some paramedics.
The last shot showed the girl in a hospital bed where she was still unconscious. The people where were gathered around are shown in her hospital room.

Do any of you know what this is from? Thank you.