Sinister 2

Yet*another*example*of the sequel not even being close*to*living up to the original. The original is a great horror flick. It may not be the scariest movie ever like some have claimed but it's still a great horror movie. Everything about this one pales in comparison though. The acting is on par with a B-level horror movie. Not one of the actors was good here, the kids and the mom didnít seem to be a loving family. No one here had any chemistry*with each other. Especially the sheriff and the wife. They were so awkward around each other and they both lacked any sort of believability*when it comes to them being together.*Besides the acting this movie lacks a severe amount of horror to it. The jump scares*with Bughuull aren't scary and you can see them coming from a mile away.*For a bad guy he really isnt even in this movie. The ghosts of the kids from previous kills do most of the haunting*here and they arent scary either. So there really isnt much of scare factor when it comes to this movie. This may come to shock but there isnt much logic in this horror movie either.*I call bull**** on these kids being able to pull off these kills. It seems impossible that kids would be able to lift and maneuver*around these complex rigs that seem to be pretty heavy. Also ill say its pretty impossible for these little ****s to pull off considering they are dealing with people who are double their weight and size.*A scrawny ass 12year old isn't going to*be able to erect a massive cross*with*humans on it. I donít know how these kids would be able to hang grown ups and other **** that they accomplished.
What I will give credit to this movie for though is the family kills.*These ****ing things were brutal and definitely*the highlight of the movie.*Between the rats.burrowing though humans in the church*to*the electrocution one and the freezing of the family outside,*all these murders were horrific. Again I donít see how little kids would pull these elaborate*things off but ill let it go. These were some.of the worst ways you would want to die.*Outside of the deaths though there isnt much else good about this movie.
All in all this a*downgrade of a horror sequel. There isnt enough scary stuff to make this worth watching twice. Outside of the brutal murders there isn't much to remember about it. 6/10

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