The Deep House


"French filmmaking duo Julien Maury and Alexandre Bustillo, best known for their ultra-violent slasher Inside and the never-released Livid, are taking a stab at aquatic horror with their next horror offering.

Maury announced the start of production on The Deep House, which discovers a haunting in the depths of a lake.

In the film, while diving in a remote french lake, a couple of YouTubers who specialize in underwater exploration videos discover a house submerged in deep waters.

What was initially a unique finding soon turns into a nightmare when they understand the house was the scene of atrocious crimes. Trapped, with their oxygen reserves falling dangerously, Tina and Ben realize the worst is yet to come: they are not alone in the house.

James JaggerandCamille Rowe both star as the explorers in this unique haunter.

From Radar Films, it will be released in France in 2021 by Apollo Films."