Note: This is a key soviet film, that shows the evolution of Soviet Cinema, hand in hand, with the evolution of Soviet Leadership. When Stalin died in 1953, the soviet people and government denounced his atrocities, that event had a deep impact in Soviet Cinema.

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... The film is set in 1918, St. Petersburg, Russia. The new government has announced a Red Terror, and now a merciless extermination of "counter-revolutionaries" is underway. Eugene Pavlovich Adamov, general of the royal army and professor at the Military Academy of Law, is arrested and placed in a kind of "room" which is arranged as a prisoner's cell. However, it does not only contain the king's soldiers, officials and aristocrats, but also ordinary criminals. Every day prisoners who are shaking from fear are being taken away for "trial" from the horrible room. And the verdict is almost always the same execution by the firing squad.

Adamov has no illusions as he quietly waits for death, but suddenly a miracle happens: he is freed. Being an honest and principled man, Adamov in 1905 refused to be a prosecutor at the trial of the revolutionary sailors, and now the new government considered this sufficient grounds for release of the old tsarist general. However, Adamov has no place to go: his apartment with numerous rooms has been given to other people a long time ago, and the general has to go back to the place of his recent confinement where he finds a job as a launderer.
Some time later Adamov is offered a job as an investigator and he begins to serve the new government. However, as he investigates the murders of the military confiscation unit ("prodotryad") members, the general is faced with an attempt of lawlessness on the part of the "reds" and resolutely tries to prevent this. Alas, no one listens to Adamov, innocent people are shot without trial, and the general himself falls into the hands of the "whites". Adamov tries to explain to the officer of the detachment his reasons for him going over to the Bolshevik side, but he sees only a traitor in Adamov, and he orders to shoot his old professor...

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This is a great film that teaches us about geopolitics, for example the american soldiers who fought in WWI, were sent to Russia, after the war was won, to fight the communists, like the american young soldiers, many countries like England sent troops to help the Russian Czar. This film shows photographs of american soldiers stationed in Russia in 1918-1919, at the service of the Russian Monarchy, to fight the Red Army.

At the same time as this film denounces the military and political intervention, by the UK and the USA, in the Bolchevic Revolution, it also denounces the genocide by Lenine, against his own russian people.

This is a very powerfull film.