Hi, I'm looking for a monochrome mafia/gangster/mobster movie that I was watching as a young teenager in 1996. Even for a mafia flick it was quite graphic and brutal, so that my mother only let me watch half of it.

I don't know where the setting of that movie was, but I guess Italy or Chicago, and it probably plays between the 30's and 50's. Alas, I can't tell if the date of the story line and the date of the film shooting are identical.

Here's what I can remember of that flick:

A mobster, quite old and dressed in a coat and wearing a hat, is threatening a Marilyn-Monroe type of woman who was lying on a bed. Because she didn't want to reveal a secret, the mobster was shooting her in her stomach. As she was still refusing to cooperate she was wounded again. Assuming she was already dead, the mafiosi was about to leave the room, when the woman was suddenly quietly moaning with pain. Eventually he fired a third, lethal shot. This incident happened backstage of some kind of gala night or the like.

Some scenes later that same mobster and an accomplice of his were torturing a man with his hands tied behind his back, and his neck tied to a heavy iron ball that was hanging from a rafter so that it was dangling behind victim's head. The accomplice was punching him hard in both the gut and the head, making the iron ball swing back and forth again and again, hitting the back of his head. As he still refused to reveal the necessary information, the mobster pushed his gun into the victim's mouth. That was the point where my mother was covering my eyes using her hands and forbade me to keep on watching that movie.

Can someone help me find the title of that mobster flick? That would be awesome. Thanks!