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How Did You Guys Interpret Blade Runner 2049's Message?


The original Blade Runner by Ridley Scott seems to have a lot of analytical interpretations that spans across two decades, but I don't see many of them about 2049. So I wanted to know if you guys could provide some of your own interpretations of 2049 that I could read.

I'm still unsure on what the movie's trying to say so it helps to see others viewpoints on the film.

How Did You Guys Interpret Blade Runner 2049's Message?
Sequels make big money, other than that it felt like just about any other big budget sci fi film. I didn't see any deep message there...other than one: Deckard was a human!

Its certainly a bit more biased towards a standard heroic story with Wallace and Luv as evil baddies to be defeated to get Deckard a reunion with his lost daughter.

You could argue the K side of the story does have a bit more to it than that though. I mean most obviously its showing him as an effective stand in for some kind of hated underclass in that society doing the jobs nobody else will under threat of death. The relationship with Joi though is I think probably the most interesting part of the film, seems to be both an example of K "hitting downwards" onto someone he has control of but also arguably showing how a social underclass can be pacified , her name is supposed taken from an porn acronym.

I actually felt the film was a bit of a missed opportunity in not playing on that relationship more. It built up very nicely but then became largely side-tracked when Deckard appeared.

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The theme seems pretty standard. A group of people are being prejudiced against, because they are different, like in other movies like Planet of the Apes, or X-men, etc.

It's hard for me to tell if there is a definite message, but K's emotional ties to Joi and discovering his identity despite being artificial is what I mainly got out of it. Pretty much what MoreOrLess said