Lonely old woman adopts a not-quite human boy


I'm trying to remember the title of a film I saw in a grade school classroom around 2001. From my vague recollections, the movie appeared to be older (pre-2001) and possibly of low quality, from which I gather it may have been a tv movie, or even a tv special. At the time, I wasn't allowed to watch too many movies, as my parents were extremely suspicious of media, so my failure to remember details has to do with a limited frame of reference. My apologies.

Here's what I remember of the plot:

A lonely old woman places an order for a product (shampoo sticks out, for some reason), but when her package arrives, it's huge, much larger than expected. Turns out the company (or government?) mixed up her order and by mistake sent her... a boy.

A human boy. I think. Or a clone. Or a robot. Or an alien. Something. I seem to recall he didn't act like a human kid. She took this kid in and took care of him taught him how to be a "real boy." The government/ company came looking for their property. The old woman begs to let her have the boy, because she loves him and he's brought her so much happiness. She's not lonely anymore. There's a chase scene, I think, in a warehouse.

I don't remember how it ends.

This isn't much to go on. Sorry. That's all I remember.

Hi. There is a TV movie from 1985 that might be the film you watched. The title of the film is 'Konrad'.
You can learn more about the movie 'Konrad' if you search for it at the imdb.com website (Internet Movie Database).

D.A.R.Y.L. or Not Quite Human?

i think its A.I Artificial Intelligence (2001) watch it its a masterpiece movie and i hope its the movie you are looking for. let me know about this.