"Karen Kramer, the widow of legendary producer-director Stanley Kramer, has closed a deal with filmmaker David L. Hunt and producer Thomas Olaimey’s Classical Entertainment for a remake of her late husband’s classic film, High Noon.

It’s Karen Kramer’s second shot at producing a second remake of the film with executive producer Stephen Jaffe. Their first attempt, with Relativity Media, stalled in the midst of the company’s bankruptcy problems. Kramer produced a TV movie version of the film for TNT/TBS in 2000 starring Tom Skerritt in the role that won Gary Cooper an Oscar.

Hunt, who directed and co-wrote Greater in 2016, will write the screenplay and direct the remake, which is planned for a late-2019 release. “High Noon is legendary – the small, thoughtful western with big ideas that went on to become one of the most iconic motion pictures of all time,” Hunt said. “It is an honor to be given the opportunity to bring the depth and power of the original to our own cultural moment."