Repugnant Architecture Peeping Black Sheep Pervert movie


It's a ME, MARIO! okay, have a goodday now.
I saw a movie that was most likely made between 2000-2012, there is a peeping tom black sheep who is either a juvenile or a grown child who watches the female lead when she is having sex with someone, she might be an architect or something but she is staying at the house or visiting for long periods of time, the pervert ends up being a violent sociopath who captures and tortures people in secret parts of the house and gets pissed off that the woman is not having a relationship with him, there is also something peculiar about the home's design which I cannot precisely recollect.

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The Collector (2009) comes to mind, but that's probably not it.
Nice choice bop. What sbout collections (sequel).

It's a ME, MARIO! okay, have a goodday now.
lol I know right, anyway I watch The Collector and The Collection all the time and it's not those, I confused it with The Awakening (2011) at one point but that wasn't it, I'm sure we will narrow it down though.

I hope you find it, because you win the award for Most Descriptive Thread Title. Bravo!
Nah, too generic. When you think about it, that title could apply to any repugnant architecture peeping black sheep pervert movie.

It's a ME, MARIO! okay, have a goodday now.
Wow what a fluke, knowing that "Repugnant Architecture Peeping Black Sheep Pervert movie" is a task Google is unequal to, I decided to be a reductionist and did "Horror Movie Architect" and the top entry was for Walled In (2009) as IMDB listing, the Wikipedia entry for the film all but sold me that this was it (it is); apparently I was doing it all wrong in always taking the Pervert route to find it, theres probably some kind of moral here, if you're into that.

It's a ME, MARIO! okay, have a goodday now.
More distracting perhaps.