Any uncut edition of American Beauty out yet?


As far as i know the dvd edition of American Beauty doesn't have the extra scenes.
Well, almost a decade ago, i grabbed this free copy of American Beauty from the internet. It was sitting in my wardrobe for years. So i thought i would give it a watch and it turned out to be the uncut edition. Too bad nothing was mentioned in the file name of that free copy, like whether it was called the director's cut or something else
I googled a lot but found no information about any uncut edition. But there's gotta be one, coz that's the one i have in my collection. Any idea guys?

Sorry i was wrong when i said i had the uncut edition.
The thing is, i never bought the original dvd. Only read on the internet that Mendes said in the film commentary which was included in the original dvd, that there were a few deleted scenes that he thought of including in the dvd but later changed his mind. And since my free copy have got all the nude scenes i assumed that this must be those deleted scenes that Mendes spoke of. Again my bad. Sorry for this post. Found out that all those nude scenes and even the Colonel kissing Kevin Spacey scene are in the dvd as well.