Please! Help me find a movie! :)


"Conscience is a nuisance. A fly. A barking dog."
Hello everyone!

I just remembered a movie I watched over ten years ago on TV and I've been trying to find it but Ican't.
I only remember a few particulars about the movie but it may be enough for some of you to recognize it.

The story of the film was set in two different timelines: one seemed to be somewhere between the seventeenth and nineteenth century and the other was set in contemporary times, but I believe that both used the same main actors.
The oldest timeline was about what seemed to be a powerful and rich man (maybe royal? I think he lived in a castle or palace in a big terrain ) that has two twin babies. I remember he was very mean and decided to raise one kid as a rich person with him and the other kid as a poor and miserable person with some farmers or something like that.
From the contemporary timeline I remember it revolved on a man and a woman talking and having sex inside a car, in the woods. I think the dialogs also revolved a lot around sex and both the timelines would interweave., with this man and woman playing characters in both timelines.

It would be great if someone could help, I would really like to find out what was this movie and rewatch it.

Thanks everyone!

"Conscience is a nuisance. A fly. A barking dog."
Thank you for trying to help, but I just watched the trailer and read the synopsis and I don't think it is the same story. There's no reference to the storyline about the twins raised separately and I'm pretty sure that was a main point of that timeline. Thank you anyway!

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The first part you described sounded a lot like Man With The Iron Mask, but I don't think it had the contemporary era in it, I would still recommend looking at it and see if it rings any bells.