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Vincent Price film about a haunted house. Not House on the Hill.


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Hi all.

Years ago I saw a film on TV that I believe had Vincent Price in it about a haunted house. The scene I remember was of a skeleton coming down a staircase. I'm not sure if the house was really haunted in the film or if it was all a fake for some reason and the skeleton was found to be on wires or something? I want to know the name of this film as I would like to see it again. I know its not House on Haunted Hill. Bit vague but I'm hoping someone will come up with the title?

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I don't recall a skeleton coming down the stairs in any Vincent Price movie, but besides the one he used to get people into the acid vat in House on Haunted Hill, there are skeletons in House of Usher, Twice-Told Tales, Dr. Goldfoot and the Bikini Machine and Madhouse. I hope that helps.
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In the first segment of Twice-Told Tales, "Dr. Heidegger's Experiment", Vincent Price brings his friend's fiancee back to life. She's dressed in her wedding gown coming down a staircase. After a fight between the friends, she turns into a skeleton and falls apart at the bottom of the stairs. That's the closest I got.