Forgotten/Underrated 90's Movies


I've been on a real kick of 90's movies lately. I just rediscovered a few forgotten flicks. Forgot how good "The Ghost and the Darkness" was. And I remember thinking that "Cop Land" was an ok movie when it first came out, and just recently saw the director's cut, which was great! The genre doesn't matter, just wondering what forgotten or underrated 90's movies you guys have loved and would recommend.

Primal fear hands down !!
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Winter Calls Thy Name
One of the all time great twists.

Gangster Rap is Shakespeare for the Future
I wouldn't be surprised, polarizing films tend to finish middle of the pack, while this film is kinda just there with little enthusiasm either way, besides Derek, of course

I also forgot how great "Ransom" was. I re-watched it recently, and it was a great, taut movie.

Probably not forgotten in P.E. classes everywhere (as I remember watching it dozens of times in mine) but -- Rudy -- the 1993 film starring Sean Astin as a guy who desperately wants to get into Notre Dame and play for the Irish -- is absolutely phenomenal. I watched it last night after having not seen it in a long time. I forgot all that happens in it, but remembered things immediately when it happened. This movie is a gem. It should have been on the '90s Countdown. I already wanna watch it again. Do check it out.
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Next time , be more specific.
In July of 1991, we went to the theatre 8 times to see 8 different movies in 7 days. AMC just started their "Movie Watchers" rewards and we wanted to make sure we got our in... I remember "Regarding Henry" being one of the films..."Dying Young" and "Terminator 2" were films as well we seen.

Palookaville (1995)

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My usual picks for this subject.

The Last Supper

Things To Do In Denver When You're Dead

New Jack City

The Funneral

The Addiction



In The Company Of Men


School Ties

Trees Lounge

Lawn Dogs

Heaven And Earth

Living In Oblivion

Miami Blues


Dolores Claiborne

How To Make An American Quilt

The Crucible

The Waterdance

Washington Square

Looking For Richard

Don Juan DeMarco

Girl On The Bridge

La Reine Margot


Bandit Queen

El Mariachi

The Horseman On The Roof

Noce Blanche
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Sounds great, letís go with it

I come across a lot of people that have never heard of this one. Contains one of my favorite scenes, featuring Hopper and Walken.