last commentary track you heard


i played the commentary track for salt.. the director knew what he was talking about but it was really obvious that he was reading off a sheet of a paper. it didn't sound natural at all and it bothered me, i had to turn it off.

i enjoyed the commentary track for seven, not much film knowledge but it was entertaining. same with spiderman (toby).

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I listened to the commentary for Tyrannosaur I give it 3/5 for commentary.
Most interesting part was him talking about reshooting what was originally a short film, with the same actors, now as a feature.

Long time since I've listened to an audio commentary, I think I might find one and put on while I'll clean my flat.

Edit: I choose Singin' in the Rain, commentary by e.g. Debbie Reynolds, Donald O'Connor, Stanley Donen and Baz Luhrmann.
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I listened to the commentary for Tyrannosaur I give it 3/5 for commentary.
Most interesting part was him talking about reshooting what was originally a short film, with the same actors, now as a feature.
I forgot to add

One of the funniest things I've heard in a Directors Commentary. Mind the visual spoilers, just listen (don't look) if you haven't seen the movie.

I used to listen to the odd commentary now and again, but in recent years as I've become serious about creating films of my own I always check for a commentary and listen whenever possible.

It's a long time since I've heard a commentary track, but if I am to guess, it's probably the Scream (1996) commentary track from this guy on YouTube.
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I think I never listened to any commentary!
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The Courtship of Eddies Father (1963) I haven't heard it all, but already have learned a lot about the director Vincent Minnelli and the films history.

Commentaries are often very interesting on older classic films. On a new film I wouldn't bother.

I think I never listened to any commentary!
From a purely entertainment point of view, there are some.
Basically what you need is a ensemble commentary like Old School.

It's a bunch of comedians laughing together and making jokes as they watch their own movie.

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The commentary for Repo Man. If I had to rate it, I guess I'd give it a
because while Alex Cox tends to have some interesting insights, the rest of the people on the commentary...not so much.
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Last weekend I watched the extended LOTR trilogy twice.
Once with the writer/director commentary and once with the cast commentary.

Director commentary was fantastic, I definitely recommend it!
Cast commentary not so much.. First off they were not all together, so it was edited in post production to have certain people talking through certain scenes. Gimli kept narrating what was on the screen like I didn't already know what was going on. It's a habit a lot of people seem to have on commentary tracks. The real highlight were merry and pippin. Those dudes are funny, they kept cracking jokes the whole time.

They did a great job with all the doubles and forced perspective to make the different heights of hobbits and dwarves etc. Except this one scene.

That is definitely not frodo and sam lol.

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Probably Roth's commentary for Cabin Fever. I watched that a lot.

The commentary for Doubt was very enjoyable.

I always like it when the writer/director has large amounts of the film based on his actual life experience.

We heard the director talk about what it was like going to that school as a kid, what portions were based on reality etc. And of course the usual praise directors feel obligated to give their actors.

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Usually only on BTS videos these days. I cant sit through an entire movie with someone talking.

Dawn of the Dead and Day of the Dead back-to-back.

Savini is always worth listening to with respects to SFX, however, listening to Romero and the way he interacts with the other people on the tracks are what make it special. Not only the care he takes with respecting other people's position on things, but how he frames the struggles in making the movies as well as any future ones. This is especially true of what became of Land of the Dead, his feelings on CGI, authorial vision, and studio compromise.

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John Singleton's commentary for Higher Learning.some nice recollections, but it made me laugh at how unimpressed he was with Kristy Swanson's performance without ever really addressing it directly. Maybe that's why he cut her character arc the most.

Verhoeven, Neumeier and Davison's for RoboCop.
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