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I watched this movie the other day, and its honestly probably the weirdest movie i've ever seen lol, but its actually pretty good! If you've seen this, what did you think? A lot of people think this movie is utter crap, but also a lot of people think its art at its finest. I like Harmony Korine's movie Kids which is what made me decide to give Gummo a try

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Where'd the first reply go?

Anyway, as for Gummo it's one of the few movies I placed on my "100 least favourite movies" list a while back but it's still more worthwhile than most actual bad movies.

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I was thinking about watching it but the concept just seemed so disturbing.

Finished here. It's been fun.
I saw this one a while back. It's such a strange little wonder, it really is. It really sticks with you for whatever reason.It's eerie and vivid,yet surreal. Very strange film indeed,to those who haven't seen it yet I recommend checking it out. It really is a very unique film.