David Cronenberg's Dead Ringers - cut or uncut?


Many years ago I watched David Cronenberg's Dead Ringers, a brilliant movie. I distinctly remember the scene where a worn out, drug-fuelled Jeremy Irons performs surgery on a mutant female patient, using his newly crafted "tools" and he mutilates her. Other surgeons stop him. This scene stuck in my mind because, although everything happened off-camera, the actions and reactions, the sounds and the implied horror was truly staggering.

Fast forward to now and this scene seems so much shorter. I bought the UK DVD and the scene is nothing like I remember. I have hunted high and low and finally found an uncut copy in Germany which I bought from Amazon. But guess what - it's the same as the UK version. Further research has revealed no clues as to this "trimmed" scene.

My question is this: Has anybody else seen this early version or did I just imagine it? Is the current cut of the movie the only one available? Just WTF did I see all those years ago???
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Bright light. Bright light. Uh oh.
I saw it at the theatre and on uncut cable channels since, and I didn't see anything removed. I think you built the scene up in the intervening years.
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