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If I remember correctly, in the original version of this film Jeff Daniel's character receives a letter telling him he has AIDS. But in a version I just watched the letter said he was psychologically unfit for duty. If you take the AIDS angle, it makes more sense as to why he wants to shut down the massage parlor so desperately.
Anyone have any knowledge of this change or am I just mis-remembering the movie?

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I found this Amazon user review, but no other verification:

When this film came out, it was hurt by the expectation that this was "Pulp Fiction II" (something that also haunted "Jackie Brown"), but the comparisons to a Robert Altman film are more accurate. This is a sprawling ensemble piece, weaving together low-key eccentrics into a single narrative. It's just that some of them have guns.

The cast, especially James Spader and Charlize Theron are top notch, but a crucial change made to "lighten" the movie tosses much of the plot out the window, robs one central character of his key motivation, and greatly hinders the film. (The letter read in the car originally was from an AIDS clinic ...) I had hoped that the DVD edition would restore the original scene at least in a "deleted scenes" section if not actually let viewers see the film as it was originally intended, but so be it. A good film for film fans who like their Altman with a twist of Tarantino. Recommended for fans of "Jackie Brown," "Get Shorty" or "The Limey."
It reminds me of a toilet paper on the trees
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