Nicolas Winding Refn: Barbarella


It looks like they are going ahead and making a television series instead based on the film/comic Barberella, with Nicolas Winding Refn(Bronson, Drive) producing the series and most importantly, directing the first episode.

I can't wait, big fan of the film!

Barbarella, the iconic 1968 film starring Jane Fonda, is being adapted for the small screen by Gaumont International Television.

Gaumontís US production and distribution studio in LA is teaming up with movie director Nicolas Refn (Drive) and executive producer Martha De Laurentiis to adapt the Barbarella character for a drama series.

Barbarella started life as a French graphic novel by Jean-Claude Forest that later spawned the 1968 feature film. The character is a highly sexualised astronaut travelling through the galaxy during the 41st century to find and fight the evil Durand Durand.

Gaumont is already working with Refn on feature films including Only God Forgives, starring Ryan Gosling.

Refn said: ďIím excited for the opportunity to re-invent Barbarella with my friends at Gaumont and Martha De Laurentiis. And I look forward to bringing this unique character to life for a new generation of fans as I believe she is one of the ultimate counter-cultural characters.Ē

On what channel will this show air? What's the rating level we're looking at?

I'm interested, but not overwhelmingly so...

I love this movie.. But Refn has been in talks to helm 10 or more remakes & adaptations since Drive came out, some of them were comic book films..
None of them materialised.

But I can't imagine Barbarella without the cheap & trippy FX... this better be an adult show.

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I wonder what happened to ol' brick?

I never remembered hearing about this NWR project. Seems kinda below him.