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Is "To Rome with Love" worth watching?


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Another movie made by Woody Allen "To Rome with Love". I read many reviews on this movie (in Glitter, on imdb) and I'm not sure if it's worth watching. After "Midnight in Paris" I'm confused.
As anyone can tell me something about it? Have you watched it?

This is one movie I'm gonna watch on opening week if it plays in Denver. Lately Woody Allen films have been limited release. Judging from the trailer it looks like a typical funny woody Allen movie, and that's something refreshing to see if you ask me. I don't care what the critics say about this one (I thought the poorly rated Anything Else was a solid film). I do read one user review on RT though who gave it a 2.5 I believe and brought up that the reason Woody Allen films are getting worse is because he's gotten lazy. He is to much on his rep to release one movie a year he makes careless mistakes and doesn't care about quality. But for me if it's Woody I'm watching it
Yeah, there's no body mutilation in it