I hate Nightmare on Elm street


I really do not understand why so many people like it. Freddy is stong when he's in the dream world, but then he goes and gets beat up by a girl when he comes to the real world!!! The tounge sticking out of the phone is stupid!!!

P.S. It should be Jason vs. Michael Myers, not Jason vs. Freddy.
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i havent realy watched all of the elm street films. just bits of some of them. they never really appealed to me that much.
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I've never seen it, but I'm not into horror flicks. They just don't horrify me.

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I gave them up after *3 (Dream Warriors) .
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Wow. What a constructive thread topic. Not to be mean, 'cause I'm not, but can we stop posting threads that start with "I Hate...?" If you hate something, why waste your time posting about it?
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we are allowed to say we dont like something, it might say someone the pain of actually going to see it, in this case i agree with the topic of this thread, i too hated Nightmare on Elm Street, i think it was because i had read great reviews on it all of them saying the same thing "stop you from sleeping" but it doesnt, it was weak compared to other great films ive seen, i wouldnt recommend it to anyone who wants to get scared, because although the story is reasonably good the way in which it is acted out just wasnt scary IMNHO *shrugs* what can i say, i hated it and i dont hate many movies

Where is Jason (a.k.a. Sexy Celebrity) when you need him?

I like-a the Nightmare flicks. The first and last are actually good and a little freaky--many childhood nightmares and sleeping-with-the-lights-on came out of my first viewing of part one--and the rest are perfect MST3K fodder.

That's my two cents, on this hate thread. And, for all those who worry about such things, I'd like to paraphrase Voltaire: "I may not agree with what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it."
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The last one? You mean Wes Craven's New Nightmare, or Freddy's Dead?

But which one? For the love of God, WHICH ONE??

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Are you talking about the one where the actors played themselves and wes Craven played himself?
I think Earthquakes were happening and the protagonists son was acting weird?
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Where is Jason (a.k.a. Sexy Celebrity) when you need him?
Right here, babes. May I call you "babes"?

I hate HALLOWEEN78 (though that's a nice name. I just bought a Halloween poster for my bedroom)

Anyway, I watched NIGHTMARE just yesterday on Cinemax.

Ooops, I've been asked to leave. Later....

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Right here, babes. May I call you "babes"?
You may.

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I found that the Nightmare flicks kinda got dumber as they went along. I mean the first one was pretty good, but they just seemed to go downhill from there. Anyone else agree.
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