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I don't think that anyone has reported this, so here goes:

Fox's 24 is going to be released on DVD on September 17th.

The hit show starring Kiefer Sutherland, Dennis Hopper, et al, will be released in a 6 DVD set containing the entire first season. It'll run for $59.98, and you can pre-order it at fox.com/24.

I'm looking forward to this set-- with 6 DVDs, it's sure to have a boatload of commentary, and there are a lot of scenes that were taken out of the show for one reason or another (the plane blowing up towards the beginning of the series, for example, was taken out after 9/11) that should be included. There were also 3 endings filmed for the last episode that should be on the sdisc as well.

Anyone else plan on purchasing this? I missed out on a few episodes in between, but overall liked the series, so it'll be good to see what I missed!

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Hmm I bought this box set on someones recommendation, but due to a FOX **** up there was 90 seconds worth of extra footage that will ruin it for me... I haven't watched it yet, apparantly it's to do with someone being preggers and some other stuff, which shouldn't have made it on, and FOX will be substituting my discs with a proper version in 3-4 weeks
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it'll take a while for that to happen here, since the show has only just been released (we are currently on 2am) but depending how it continues im gunna get the DVD so dont ruin it for me!

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Had the Region2 Box set back yesterday (£34).

Didn`t watch a single episode of it while it were on, but there`s been so much hype and praise, that I had to see for myself if it were all warranted.

Alas, no commentaries or deleted scenes, just an alternative ending, but it is nicely packaged.
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are you trying to say that there ALREADY is a sequel? dam i hate the fact we Aussies are ahead in time and you Americans are ahead in everything else.

Ok i know im going to regret this but we are only up to 12pm in 24 in Australia and im banned from TV til further notice which means i wont see the ending, someone PM me the ending of what happens in 42.

well i never recieved any PM from you JR please tell me you know i meant 24 and not 42 (i only just saw my mistake) I was getting really addicted to this show, it was brillently made!!! so hurry up sunny Jim and send me the ending PPLLLLLEEEEAAASSSEE

even if it is going to stuff it up for me if i get let off my punishment

omg you thought i really meant 42 in the 24 thread? no problem, also you dont need to wait for me to be online to PM me well send it as soon as you read this, im suffering withdrawls