Hello! Please help me remember the movie.
A young girl comes to the wilderness to teach in any school. There she was at first refused to obey. The class was an adult male, who does not get on with it. I also remember the time he threw gum in someone's portrait, which hung in the classroom. This guy came to school on a horse like that. And in the end she goes and sees the train, he rides a horse in the train with flowers .. That is)

it' not Les filles de Caleb 1990

still remembered that she was courted by a man and a student, he looks like an Indian, even with something, well, in my memories), and yet he seems to be it drove away, for a very beautiful place to help her .. feel the nature ..

it' not Rushmore 1998

in the film in my very early times have been shown) there is a school where all are engaged in the same class and small, and adults ..

it' not Warrior Spirit

I like it looked on the Hallmarke .. help!))

not Christy (19941995) Christy: The Movie (2000)
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