What if Close Encounters of the Third Kind was made by 20th Century Fox?


What if Close Encounters of the Third Kind was made by 20th Century Fox along with George Lucas' Star Wars and Ridley Scott's Alien and not by Columbia Pictures? What would've be the outcome?

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And Spielberg was still the director? Probably no difference.
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If 20th Century Fox invested more in visuals and special effects, maybe it would have increased profits. But I think the Columbia/Spielberg collaboration was unforgettable.

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Then you wouldn't have asked this question to which I still don't see the point.

P.S. - Close Encounters had a budget about twice that of Star Wars.
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I'm asking this question because Wikipedia stated that 20th Century Fox had turned down Spielberg's offer to make Close Encounters before he took the offer to Columbia. So, i thought i would start a thread about What if Close Encounters of the Third Kind was made by 20th Century Fox.

Would they have significant creative input? If not, I'm guessing the difference would be negligible.
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You seem to really like these "what if X had done Y?" threads, but I think the overwhelming majority of them either a) involve negligible differences or b) involve the types of differences we can't even really speculate about in any meaningful way. Especially when the hypothetical involves not a change in director, but just a change in studio. I dunno how we're supposed to answer that; major studios don't have recognizable styles or tendencies the way specific directors do.

The real-life possibilities really aren't great fodder for fun speculation. The ones worth thinking about are the crazy ones, IE: what if Close Encounters of the Third Kind had hired H.R. Giger as their production designer?

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Major studios used to have recognizable styles, but that was under the old studio system where everyone working for them was under contract and the production head controlled everything.

Aye, once upon a time. But not late enough to make it really possible or meaningful to answer this bizarre hypothetical. And since it's, like, the fifth bizarre hypothetical this user has seen fit to ask, I'm closing this one.